Sweethouseofmine.com is proud to show our first crypto-only online luxury store that provide original and unique high-end luxury watches, gadgets, outdoor products and cars to the Cryptocurrency community.

These Crypto-Payment Terms & Conditions of Sweet House Of Mine (“Terms & Conditions”) apply to your use of accepted crypto currencies (“Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin,…”) as your selected payment method.
Please read these Terms & Conditions carefully. By using Cryptocurrency as your method of payment, you acknowledge and agree to be bound by these Terms & Conditions. These Terms & Conditions apply in addition to the terms and conditions contained in our Website Terms of Use. If there is a conflict between these Terms & Conditions and our Website Terms of Use with respect to Cryptocurrency transactions, these Terms & Conditions apply. If you do not agree with all of these Terms & Conditions, do not select Cryptocurrency as your payment method.

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Our acceptance of Cryptocurrency is powered by MyCryptoCheckout. We do not guarantee and are not responsible for the availability of MyCryptoCheckout’s services. To complete your purchase, follow steps of MyCryptoCheckout’s service, where you will see the total cost of your purchase in your desired Cryptocurrency, based on an exchange rate set by Binance.

Cryptocurrency Payments
At the time of purchase, the Euro amounts from Sweethouseofmine.com are converted to your cryptocurrency (bitcoin, ethereum, litecoin, dash, monero,…) using the exchange rate provided by Binance. Customers will have up to 60 minutes from the time of order to send the specified number of desired cryptocurrency (bitcoin, ethereum, litecoin, dash, monero,…). If an order is not settled within that time, the order will expire and they will have to restart the checkout process.

If a customer overpays the specified number of cryptocurrency in their order, the overpayment amount will be processed pursuant to our cancellation policy. If a customer underpays the specified number of cryptocurrency, the order will be cancelled and Sweethouseofmine.com Customer Support will attempt to contact the customer to return any funds received by Sweet House Of Mine pursuant to our cancellation policy.

Bitcoin network transaction fees.
As with nearly all Bitcoin transactions, a very small transaction fee (a “miner’s fee”) will be added by the Bitcoin network to the total cost in Bitcoin of your purchase. This fee covers the cost of verifying Bitcoin transactions. We have no control over this fee and does not receive any portion of the fee. This is same with all other cryptocurrency!

Bitcoin and all other cryptocurrency transactions are final.
Once you initiate a transaction, you cannot cancel it. This is inherent in the nature of the Bitcoin, Ethereum and all other cryptocurrency network, not a policy set by Sweethouseofmine.com.

Transactions complete once confirmed.
Once a transaction is submitted to the Bitcoin, Ethereum and other cryptocurrency network, it will be unconfirmed for a period of time (usually about an hour, but sometimes longer) pending full verification of the transaction by the cryptocurrency network. A transaction is not complete until it is fully verified.

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